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Vegetable Chopper – Vidalia Onion Chopper/Slicer – French Fry Cutter – Mandoline Slicer

 vegetable chopper with interchangeable modules for potato slicer, french fry cutter, vidalia dicer, and mandolin slicer
  • PREPARE YOUR FOOD IN A FRACTION OF THE TIME – Vegetable choppers have six different chopping and slicing grids. Choose the size and shape of your vegetable pieces.



  • QUICKLY SLICE YOUR FRUIT, VEGGIES, AND CHEESE INTO A CATCHING CONTAINER – Insert cutting grid into the slicer cutter chopper and collect the slices automatically.

  • REDUCE YOUR TEARS WHEN CHOPPING ONIONS – Vidalia onion chopper rapidly chops onions into the size of your choice and deposits the pieces in the collection bin.

  • ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR MANY OF YOUR KITCHEN TOOLS – Multipurpose vegetable fruit cutting chopper has six optional grids for your choice as a mandolin slicer, potato slicer, fruit vegetable or cheese slicer, salad chopper, onion chopper, or vegetable cutter.

vidalia onion chopper

  • CLEANING IS SIMPLE – Effortlessly dislodge any food pieces from the pushing portion of the lid, disassemble the components, and place the entire Vidalia onion chopper multiuse device on the top shelf of the dishwasher.


★ A REAL TIME SAVER – The Vegetable Chopper dicer accomplishes the task in a fraction of the time

★ Vidalia Onion Chopper REDUCES ONION VAPORS by depositing chopped onions into the huge storage container which holds up to 7 ½ cups – almost ½ gallon

★ Food Chopper Onion Slicer is DISWASHER SAFE – Wash all parts on the top shelf ★ Vegetable Chopper Dicer is professional food grade, heavy duty, and break resistant with SIX INTERCHANGABLE STAINLESS STEEL MODULES for chopping dicing slicing and grating ★ CHOP WITH ONE EASY MOTION using this vegetable chopper with handle

★ USE IT ANYWHERE – Vegetable chopper manual appliance needs no cord to plug in ★ PORTABLE VEGETABLE CHOPPER hand held CAN BE USED INDOORS OR OUT

★CHOOSE THE SIZE OF THE FOOD PIECES with dicer food chopper heavy duty multiuse kitchen tool

★ ELIMINATE UNNECESSARY GADGETS IN YOUR SILVERWARE DRAWER with your vegetable chopper onion and fruit cutter

★ The Vegetable Chopper CLEANING TOOL EASILY DISLODGES ANY FOOD PIECES adhering to the Vegetable Chopper Hand Held Top Component or the Inserts

★ Vegetable chopper COMMERCIAL GRADE machine is effective in a restaurant kitchen

★ This is a vegetable chopper slicer MULTI-PURPOSE FOOD PREPERATION SYSTEM

★ This versatile Salad Chopper can also be used as a Potato Slicer merely by changing the inserts

★ The Onion Chopper can become a Vegetable Cutter and the Vidalia Chopper can be changed into a Vidalia Onion Slicer with Container in a matter of seconds

★ Clear Choice Cookware’s slicer cutter chopper is a vegetable fruit cutting chopper

★ All vegetable chopper inserts store in the vegetable chopper bowl

★ Apparatus is often used as a Vidalia chopper onion device

★ It is often referred to as a slice and dice vegetable cutter

★Cutter and chopper is also a slicer with container for catching all food pieces


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By Andon Manaj

Today I am going to talk to you about a passion of mine: Easy cooking methods!!! Manual food choppers and dicers, including vegetable choppers, make food preparation much easier.

We all enjoy cooking a good vegetable rich meal, right?  Call me lazy if you want…  But what would be the point of wasting time and endangering our untrained hands?  We could use a hand-held chopping device with internal blades to do the job.

Let’s take for example the Mandolin. Nope, not the stringy instrument that your grandfather from Eastern Europe liked to play on every family gathering. The other Mandolin is a  kitchen appliance called a food chopper. The culinary genius in your family will no longer have to perform repetitive tasks during food preparation.

If you don’t have the slightest idea of what I am talking about, let me enlighten you.  Let’s start our trip by imagining a kitchen table. On top of said table rests a small guillotine. Unlike its massive counterpart, this is not used to cut off the heads of murderers and thieves.  A stationary blade slides back and forth on a runway to cut vegetables and fruits into fine slices.  The same guy invented the mandolin and the guillotine, sometime in the late 18th century. Rumor has it, he decided to name it after his ex-girlfriend, Mandy.

History of the Food Mandoline Slicer

Ancient history tells us that first culinary book with pictures known to modern day men was discovered in the Vatican. It is believed to have been written around 1570.  Its author was a fellow by the name of Bartolomeo Scappi. Coincidentally he was pope Pius the IV’s personal chef.  A mandolin is a small device with a main blade in the center, sometimes complemented with other blades set perpendicular to it.  The main purpose of the tool was to produce perfect cut strips of vegetables.  It is safe to say that it has been in use by humanity’s culinary for a really, really long time. One unknown account also reveals that the name ‘mandolin’ might have derived from the fact that before the modernization of kitchen tools, the chef would hold it against his chest, the same way a musician holds and plays a mandolin.

Just like every kitchen appliance in our modern world, the mandoline evolved too. Today, you can purchase one with many blade patterns and guards to help you solve the puzzle of vegetable cutting with the ease of an expert.  A simple to use kitchen utensil that comes to mind is the Vidalia Chop Wizard.  It is a widely-marketed hand operated vidalia onion chopper.  Thanks to its other interchangeable chopping module, it welcomes other vegetables and serves as a really efficient salad chopper.  But, don’t you fret my friends… Even though Vidalia Chop Wizard has only two chopping modules, there are many other vegetable slicing and dicing tools out there.

Clear Choice Cookware Vegetable Cutter

For example, the Clear Choice Cookware heavy duty hand food chopper features many more blades. Its mandoline slicer features include a spiralizing effect so you can get creative with your cooking. Myself, when I feel like creating something out of this world, I peel some carrots and zucchini, then I employ the spiral vegetable cutter to get those bad boys nice and stringy. Toss in a bit of cabbage and red onions (optional). Then after a really nice boil in the stovetop, I have the best vegetable pasta imitation. If for some reason that sounds unappealing  to you, I’d say that’s the tastiest pasta I ever had, especially with some Alfredo sauce. But, ladies and gentlemen, do not let my recipes distract you from the mechanical abilities of the devices that I’m laying out in front of you. One of the other five modules that complement this heavy duty hand chopper is the French fry cutter.

Mmmmmm, so yummy. Who in their right mind would go to Wendy’s, Burger King or even Five Guys when you could easily run to the supermarket for a sack of fresh, organic, nature’s nurtured potatoes? Cut them nice and easy, throw them in the pan with a very light vegetable oil coating until they get that sweet golden brown color, and there you have it. The remaining blades are an onion and garlic mincer; a vegetable dicer and two multifunction (vegetable / fruit / cheese) graters which feature two different sizes of sharp, grating teeth.

Vegetable Chopper as Seen on TV

Another machine I’ve liked is the Slap Chop. It was one of the best manual food choppers in the market in its time. What made the Slap Chop higher on my list of ‘utensils to have’ is because it required less elbow grease than any other onion and potato slicer. Its name derived from the ability to turn the blades with just a light tap on the top of the device. The energy from your tap translated into spring tension which ran along the inner core of the machine, which in turn, caused some inner gears to rotate and set the blades in a circular motion.

Alas, dear reader, you might think that I left a lot to be desired in informing you about different systems that are available for your use. Well, you are right. There are a million and some different products in the market today. But if I have to cover every single item, I would need to release a regular sized book. Also, there is a reason why I didn’t touch the subject of electric choppers. This article is aimed towards the manual food processors, or choppers, because when you are out in the forest camping with your family or when the Nor’easter leaves your small mountain town powerless for days, you need something to help you prepare an easy and quick meal.  Rain or shine; man’s gotta eat.

How to Use a Vidalia Chop Wizard

Since we touched on several points throughout the history and mechanics of veggie cutters and food shredders, I would like to take a moment to explain to you, how to operate one.

Let me improvise with the Vidalia Chop Wizard…

As you will see, this device will make chopping of this onion much easier.

We will remove the root node of the onion,

Then we will remove the shoot node from the opposite end of the onion,

We will remove the outer epidermal layer off the onion carefully,

Now we will wash it under running water,

Cut the onion in half, make sure we have two equal pieces,

Now place one piece of the onion over the metallic blades of the vegetable chopper module,

Close the upper cover of the chopper with little force,

With more pressure, close the cover completely.

The chopped pieces are captured in the catching container. Following the same steps above, feel free to practice with the other half of the onion.

First Commercial Vegetable Cutter

Initially, the mandoline food chopper and slicer was made available for commercial use in 1930 by a fellow named Marcel Forelle of Toulouse in France. His first design was available in a wooden body fitted with a sharp blade. At this point in time, the only available market for it could have been found through numerous restaurants, hotels, and through the upper class households that could feature a cook on their payroll. But then by the late 1960’s in America, a company called Progressive International was born. It was they who invented easier to use models of the food chopper and then pioneered the first widespread distribution of the device. By 1980 every household in United States had a unit available for their easy cooking enjoyment.

Nowadays, just like I explained above in the previous paragraphs, there are a ton of different hand operated vegetable chopping appliances. But it doesn’t stop there. Almost every season, there are better versions of the current food slicers coming out. It is a real competition. It used to be that for someone to win that competition, they needed to rise above the others through the power of infomercials. Today, vegetable choppers on Amazon are another effective marketing method.

But if they still want to go the infomercial route, a company will hire an off season or retiring actor or a well known chef; they rent a kitchen, and then demonstrate their vegetable and fruit chopper, or potato cutter and slicer over the air. In the meantime, the can feel free to bash the competitor’s product on camera while they praise their own invention. At the end of the infomercial there is a toll free number for the potential customers to call and order with their credit card while they throw in a complimentary cheese grater or another device for free, if the order has been placed within the amount of time allotted.

Vegetable Chopper Amazon

But why would you bother waiting on line for any prolonged amount of time, when the seller provides you an opportunity to get the same deal, or on some occasions even cheaper via Amazon. You see, if you are a participant of the Prime program, you get the shipping free and within two days of purchase.

My hope is that this has enlightened you on the value of a vegetable chopper mandoline slicer and how to purchase one for yourself.  My passion could be yours.