Grill Baskets

Let you Vegetable Grill basket – BBQ Grill Pan – Quesadilla Topper

  • GRILL VEGETABLES, MEAT, CHICKEN OR FISH  IN A FRACTION OF THE TIME – Effortless preparation, grilling, stirring, rotating, removal, and carrying .

  • HELPS YOU IMPROVE YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH – Makes vegetables and other foods taste better, increasing the desire for better nutrition.

  • CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE – Simply immerse the grill pan in warm, soapy water after emptying, and wipe it clean.

  • GRILLING BASKET MAINTAINS ITS BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE – not discolor after a grilling event.


  • COMES WITH A TWO YEAR WARRANTY – Your purchase is a no-brainer with a guarantee from a solid US company.

★ A REAL STRESS RELIEVER – Good food will no longer fall through the grates and become ruined.

★ SAFE FOR YOUR FINGERS AND HANDS – There are no sharp edges or burred holes.

★ DISHWASHER SAFE – Place it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand.

★ USE IT ANYWHERE – On a backyard grill, at a picnic site, or on your kitchen stove.

★HIGHER SIDES keep food from falling out of the grilling basket.

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